Sunday, April 24, 2005

everyday is holiday like monday or dead

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[ music | Tori Amos - "God" ]

berminat? nah! it's quite intriguing (and challenging) untuk kemaskan/rebuild balik gambar di atas, dengan resolusi teruk Friendster. at the same time, friendster come up with new blog. great, really great, when i want to talk nonsense, and monkeying around i'll go for friendster. Kamal ben Masrun like to monkeying over there on it's Bulletin Board. Is that mean i like Friendster really much? no! i go for traditional way.

It has been a nice weekend. my ftp finally running, and so Photoshop. the guy at also told me that the scanner can be use like nothing really happen unto it's glass. Ok, you bet! We'll see, maybe we put Mesol from my sketchbook online. he never had any photo uploaded online. he just had this x-ray scanned of his body. so, i thought, "that's cool. you can put it. we can hang it on the wall. we're the most unconventional cybercafe to ever exist on planet earth!" before, the cybercafe really looks like a smokebox to us.

Stefan Jermann, a Zurich-based photographer just email me, to told me about his magazine "TRUCE", which in the magazine he give a focus on artscene and photograph worldwide. I'll post the stuff once I got a copy. I started to know Stefan since his brother working at T42 Design, the designer team who made a CD packaging for bands like Fear Factory, Machine Head, Slipknot, Slayer,.... most of the bands that I really like to listen long time ago.

It's a nice monday morning, really. vacation everyday, ... i'm going to make lots of illustration at home. I don't want it wear out.

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