Sunday, November 20, 2005

Send in the clown, we're having a party!

[ mood | overwhelming ]
[ music | Tori Amos - Take To The Sky ]

It's been raining for a whole day, so I'm quite stuck at home. Sleep alot.
Realized that I need to upgrade some broken drawing pens (how dare they betray me!), I go out. And buy myself a copy of new Alternative Press magazine. It's thicker than I've ever bought before.
Slick design, :)

[p/s: it's Coheed & Cambria.]
[p/s/s: This is no Chris Pennie A.D, a.k.a after Dillinger.]

No, we're not having a party, no clowns. Just a nice cup of teh tarik near Neonet , division Kg Tiong.

Paya Art Day went well, so well, that I think to continue it next Friday.

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