Monday, June 12, 2006

hard times as today's cinema and clusterfuck

"Seems i'm bein forced into a mold
Hard times! Hard times!
Forcin me and i'm growin cold."

... and it's seems like, kalau nak cari cinema di kuala terengganu, you had to go like hundred miles, yang paling dekat di kuantan. it's been 10 years now i never had cinema experience. recently, she wanted it. and that's what she did. cross the state hundred miles for cinema experience. great, but you never heard my insider story, and that's good. poor my lil' bro. sepanjang hidup dia, cerita tentang pengalaman wayang membuatkan dia melihat saya sebagai social outcast di kampung sendiri. 10 tahun dia melihat negara dalam proses menentang lanun penyalin filem haram, rungutan penerbit filem tentang filem mereka yang tak dapat jual. but the real thing is, mereka kehilangan audien di satu titik ini di pantai timur, which is our state.

poor my lil' bro. kerja saya dulu sebelum usia awak ialah melihat layar besar dengan kadar RM3.50. 2 daripadanya ialah filem adaptasi dari permainan video 8 bit.

and for what she did, saya kata it's no fun and no use had a hard times and you deserve it and i dont give a clusterfuck.

uninteresting event.

the picture you see above is what used to be my hangout in the early 90's. (credit goes to Joe Kidd for the pic. he swear watch the movie "Urgh! A Music War" there in 1982.sweet...). i dont know why we cant save ourselves there nowadays. seperti tugas yang besar. last year, let say if i put some delicate in my mouth, i taste it bad. really bad.

more on hard times,... i may never be at any major book/comicstores until i get my copy of The Fountain, which I could already have weeks ago.

... dan Natasha Hudson telah jadi janda berhias ("Hi, Kak Jamie!") , to tell that some people might become a clusterfuck for eternal damnation of his/her life.

and for the record, that dude with the name MEGAJOUST RECORDS "CEO" HARROLD KERRING is Jason Suecof, the guy behind God Forbid, Monstrosity, Control Denied, Richard Christy, Burning Inside, Trivium & Adrift deck, recently with Chimaira. he's the one who successfully did Alanis/Deicide crossover.

Kredit gambar : Yatt

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