Saturday, July 15, 2006

this blog was made for walk...

... and watching and witness, while walk around.
wedding bell ringing for Sarah Joan (Sofiyah and Harun's sister). she's 23, i think.
it comes to the part of her next phase of her life.
i look her as a mirror. it might look similar, but it's not.
if there's something too good or too wrong, the mirror will remind me.
Hilman going to get married soon, too. for something.

and i'm still here for nothing.

except for a call from Adinda Firdaus : "you're going to pay your debt or you dead for the whole existence, since you have your money, but dont think alot about (the use of) your money, except for your pride."

right, i'm working for it now, 3 months now. i'm not a preach, what i doing is more like to share.

that's why home kuala terengganu seems too far. because we're not there yet.

kukuhkan tiang, sebelum siap binaan rumahmu.

kerana itu keluar tadi selepas waktu kerja, i tend to not look like i'm about to going out but more like im about to back again. to refresh. to live. thank God Hilman was there when I met Dell. Hilman is a standalone player. im the disc. if the disc crashed, the player still can play another disc. but if the player crashed, there's no disc to be played though how good all the 10,000 discs. got me, Dell ? no, it's hard to understand.

enjoy your book as well i enjoy my record i bought.

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