Monday, October 16, 2006

love is a vulture tonight : my first radio show at TraxxFM

Thanks to all my friends, yang sempat follow my first radio show i’ve produced last Thursday. Few complain about how they hardly hearing my voice. Let’s get this straight: I had this silent conversation with DJ Maya. It’s a room for 2. Saya juga ralat tentang request rakan2 saya yg mintak certain lagu but ungranted. Kita ada restriction masa. I’ll try on my next show, next month.

So, heres’ the playlist we played on ROCK IT HER WAY THURSDAY, October 12 2006
10:15 - 11:00 p.m.
Love You in the Fall - Paul Westerberg (Maya fill-in)
Pepper - Butthole Surfers
Marvellous - Lightning Seeds (for Hilman Hajijan)
Only Shallow - My Bloody Valentine
Regresando Odio - Asesino
Any Day Now - Elbow
Requiem - Killing Joke
Susanne - Weezer

11:10 - Midnight
Great Collapse - Nine Inch Nails (for Nadia Jasmine)
Nothing - Stabbing Westward (for Nadia Jasmine)
Texas Dolly - The Number 12 looks like You (for OsMunk who still hold the bass)
Through and Through - Life of Agony
Beware - Deftones (the label here still not own this copy. we first broadcasr it! we rule!)
Come to Daddy - The Dillinger Escape Plan w. Mike Patton
From Out of Nowhere - Faith No More
Love is A Fist - Mr. Bungle (for Maya)
Popsong 89 - Motion City Soundtrack
100% - Sonic Youth (Maya fill-in)

12:05 a.m. - 1:00 a.m.
Descent - Fear Factory
Lately - Skunk Anansie
Two Worlds Collide - Inspiral Carpets
Heartwork - Carcass (for Nazim)
Army of Me - Helmet
Start Wearing Purple - Gogol Bordello (for Kamal ‘Tanglung’ Masrun)
Peacock Suit - Paul Weller
Backwater - Meat Puppets
Line Up - Elastica (for Maya. I knew it!)
Loser - Beck (for Evariel)
Them Bones - Alice In Chains

re: Rock It Her Way @ TraxxFM, Nazri Ahmadeus edition

Message: sorry , the radio thing aku kena extend to 12 oct, not 05 oct. tapi kalu korang ada dengar minggu lepas,there’s a track by Converge, FF (soul of a new achine era), In Flames, At The Gates, Napalm Death, 2 tracks by Darkest Hour played on the show. Maya happen to meet those Darkest Hour guys while she’s in US.

Pakcik mintak lagu sedih….. susah gak tu. (it's The Smiths)
Evariel mintak lagu panjang,… aku suka. tapi panjang tu..
Tanglong mintak lagu yang dia tak consider rock, I play you Gogol Bordello instead. (that’s world music for people who ‘not listening hard enough’)
Munk mintak mintak lagu The Number 12 Looks Like You even dia sendiri tak sure lagu tu boleh ke tak masuk radio. boleh je Munk.

… because it’s attack of the show!

and instead of just handling the playlist to Maya, i will sit on the radio deck with her….and say few words. just few words

Message: By this thursday night, Oct 12 2006, starting 10pm onwards (lepas berita radio rtm), tune in to TraxxFM ( 90.3fm, klang valley or stream online )as I’m going to produce ‘Rock It Her Way with Maya’, the sickest among the pure rock radio show, focusing on the rock thing you never heard on national radio. Yeah, it’s time to revolt! Bak kata
Kevin Pereira, "It’s attack of the show!". The complete playlist are yet to be confirmed, but expect something from Killing Joke, The Dillinger Esc Plan, Inspiral Carpets, Asesino,…. and Lightning Seeds circa Jollification. Previously, the radio show has broadcast thing from Darkest Hour, Danzig, The Pixies, Joy Division, Elastica, Atari Teenage Riot, Front Line Assembly, those things you’re going to cry over your 80s/90s memories….

If you have any suggestion, kindly sent me the

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