Monday, February 26, 2007

the money greed and alcohol consuming they’re not

sunday, feb 25 07, 4 hours before 8:30 pm.

"so, what? you expected me to give you the tix just for watching that damn band?"

ok, i get it. i’m at the rock concert with the most un-rock people.
and i dont know how how to rock with this people, party people who
steal away the place they dont deserve who dont know how to shout
"encore!! the more!".

pity ummu, i’m down here close to the band and the flames, while she
have a sit, up there, far off. i wish we could trade place. or together
, the better. so that she could count how much we missed. the encore!

and Himang going , a minute after i brought that ’sad’ news : "No! No! Noooo! I deserve one (place in the concert). U funky New Order Depeche Mode freak!"

You know what Himang, they did opening for Depeche Mode. And last nite, they got New Order played before the show. Even NIN.

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