Tuesday, March 06, 2007

pada suatu masa dahulu, tinggal seorang...

semalam i had a great bargain on Journal Aged: 2004 kat PJ. What the hell beli journal tahun 2004 ? It's 2007 now, itupun kau dah terlepas January 1st. The matter of fact is: it's not about the number of the year. As you question yourself, what's the use of resolution on trying to stop dope, when a year later you still on dope.

I remember i keep a journal like it is my own book, i authored. Lots of journals means lotsa books (...and talking crap, loneliness is worse. Yeah, I know. Veruca Salt. Year 1997.) Talking about web journal ( damn blog, the only thing i could reach now...), ever remember the first line of your favourite book and why that made the first line? Then, mine....

"Oh, great. " - from Friendster's No Pity For Kotonmouth Lateral Need To Drown In Flames To Be Free Biatch. 2005

"The worm earth, ant too." from Deviantart's From Our Last Deletation. 2005

"Saya memberitahu Raja Mimpi, because of her, i make a ritual, in Syaaban. " from Yahoo 360's The Morticians. 2005

"I should go back to sleep, eat and thinking about run and hide." from Myspace's Kubang Parade's Journal *extra. 2003

"Artworks above supposed to be featured in the website." from Livejournal's Blitzenius on LJ (or LSD, the better). 2004/5

"Radio buruk tu, guna untuk hantar msg S.O.S di Shah Alam, kod morse." from Virtualfriends' The World Without Computer. 2006

Could be more, but i forgot where i put it, like i'm in possesion something.

to think, sepanjang aku memulakan penulisan, it's not something that very intentional.

thanks, that's a good start.

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