Monday, April 23, 2007

at least it’s not in Terengganu…. if you know what i mean

I met Maya last Thurday at NOFX gig (tempat saya betul2 sebelah stage, ketika Aaron Albeyta yang mabuk melompat dari monitor, ke stage sebelah kanan, we shoot his bottom). so,… next Thursday might be my 1st time producing this radio show since it has been renamed to Alternation.

more of the same, and no more of the same. That includes "Hive Destruction" in 4 minutes and ten, to make you sleep nicely in the middle of twelve.

no, no, i will destroy your world.
Nailbomb if you still remember.

Joe Kidd mungkin on board, i’m no more busy,… Zaki seems excited. The Locust and Mastodon will be on our list too, as well as Vaselines (the original version of ‘Son Of A Gun’ that Nirvana covered)… for your local listing.

dan di CM , ketika diberitahu Zuang kedai Andrew telah pindah ke Bangsar (that’s not a good news),… I recieved a call from Hidayah. :)

"Guess who I met at NOFX gig,… you know like, since 1999….?"

p/s: my ‘Neil-Hefty-Batman-theme’-produced, will be airing in every introductory of Maya’s Alternation, …. oh, since last nite!

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