Friday, April 27, 2007

it'a not easy being bored

Good. How's 2007?

It's been ages since 2007.

Pictures above were taken during NOFX gig at RUUMS, KL last thursday,... where i've been out of cave ,... since a month. I met Maya Suraya,... since last time I was in her radio show, Rock It Her Way, October last year.

There's alots of work i'm working on,.... 2007 started out as a call year, for a start ,.... let see,... jumpa Joshua Davis,... Jason Groves of Shynola, got new company, Zaki whom we shared lots of interest musically and visually. To say,... it's been a revelation throughout one whole year, May 2006 - May 2007. The good thing is, it's not in Terengganu. I like to leave Terengganu as sacred as it should be when I return back there.

Wait for my first appearance in Maya's Alternation radio show,... as i'm going to play some of music that i played at workplace but never manage to surface in commercial radio. Since workpace is ,.... well , cave.

And I'm going to put some entries that I missed to put it here, some interesting thoughts. Let say, everybody want to be a saviour to his/her mankind. I've been reading myself to death too much to this. All phrases like : "Hunger strike. Your record sucks, my ears are all bleeding. " My ayahanda started a words yesterday about me getting marry when i'm not,.... that's very far off place. Plus, i bought a new house near workplace ,... and i'm all broke, but all i wanna do is rock. And I don't even think what I'm going to ask Paul Romano, in my next art writing. Nor even think about next music video writing. Out of my conciousness, I've been to a very strange territory, but my intention is all good.

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