Sunday, June 24, 2007

we got Mastodon covered,….again

for many and counteless times, i took fuck-em-all approach, until i am happy with everything, not you. good, i never been happy. jadi semalam saya bermalam di rumah anak2 saudara saya, i had big talk with their ibunda, since she’s a woman.

"i even had a hard time with an easy type like your bro. but you, hard and reclusive one,…. i dont know what else to say…"
"i like her, since the day one. and i always wanted to like her like the day one. i always feel like i got no time for al these."
"God give us 24 hours a day, all of us. And we feel ,… we never had it enough. To think, i dont even have time to be with kids."
"Me too. Funny, dont you think,… i show up in front of your door, on Saturday. When were the last time,… August?"
"… for love and money, you need to think about it now. You are a damn hard and reclusive one."
"…. dude, you know the last time when i wanted all these. It ruined everything. Jadi saya perlu kukuhkan perkara yang pasti, yang satu ini dahulu."

dan Kak Saliza, art-graduate yang pada usia mudanya ada satu bentuk kepala otak macam saya pada satu masa, made us think. is it about convergence, evolution, devolution or destruction?

ada la sebulan lepas, what i had is devastation. devastator you are.

i got answer from Jonny Rej, one-second who responsible for Mastodon video, "Seabeast". (he did like almost Mastodon video,… ). It’s Moby Dick. and, God, I have to spent much more time on browsing all those Herman Melville hardcopy and remember again that 50’s movie that once appear in tv, in the early 90’s. all that memory i had.

Thanks, Jonny.
While you are at it, can you tell me too about the image of Javanese puppet appeared as black shadow in the video? Is it the idea came after the painted cover image of Leviathan by Paul Romano or you got another story behind it? Being an Asian myself (I come from Malaysia, and we have this shadow puppet thing that derived from Javanese and Siamese puppet show), i would like to know how people outside Asia like you look at this sacred art living in this contemporary art world today.

Many thanks for your time,


— Jonathan Rej wrote:

> Hello Nazri,
> Sounds great, I’d love to tell you the details
> behind Seabeast video
> for your magazine! Let me write it up and I’ll
> email it to you soon.
> Thanks a lot for the interest!
> Jonny
> On Jun 22, 2007, at 12:54 PM, Blitzenius Nazri
> wrote:
> > hi Johnny,
> > I’m Nazri from ROTTW magazine ( Malaysia. I would like to know if you’re not busy and willing to give a story behind Mastodon music video - "Seabeast", like how you and Tom got the idea of the video. Is there any specific style that you guys followed? And also the inspiration on the character design (is that worm-like-mouth creature is resemble Chtullu created by Lovecraft) ? How you guys get to work with Mastodon? Are you and the band know each other before?
> >
> > And also I hope you can provide us the profile picture
> > of Authority Films team (means you and Tom). Is there
> > any new project from Authority Films? Love to know
> > since there’s no news and update on the website.
> >
> > Keep up the good work,
> >
> > Nazri
> >
> > A Nazri Ngah
> > No 6 Jalan Temakul 3, 17/45C,
> > Seksyen 17, 40000, Shah Alam,
> > Selangor, MALAYSIA.
> > mobile: 017-3181794
> >
> >
> >
> >
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