Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My Top 5 that didn't hit well (and i never made this)

(Nota : Dari 'pos tersembunyi' di laman Yahoo's 360

Depeche Mode , Tori Amos, Snot, Bjork, Glassjaw

So, these are my 'top 5 things' I found while i re-open my Yahoo music launch again. 4 out of 5, i don't think i'm all excited about Snot nowadays. They're kinda like ,.... one shot for me. They came out with only one studio release with the late singer Lynn Strait, and i remember this one compilation that people might consider as 2nd Snot album that featured all top nu-metal related singer by year 2000, pave homage to Lynn. I don't know how this thing really going, but whenever i open my Yahoo launchcast, they always had Snot song, most probably "Absent", but if I had to choose, my favourite track is "Stoopid" (I remember the music video with this one person hang around, and people look at him with displeasure. that's something...)
As for Glassjaw, I hope Daryl and co. going back to studio again, but I guess that's not going to happen as Daryl now is htting thing with Head Automatica. It's almost the same situation that happen when Chino came out with Team Sleep and in Revolver magazine it said that they almost folded because of this freelance work. But then they come out with Saturday Night Wrist, better than the last album, .... almost the same par with White Pony. (But not remarkable...)
But the thing with Glassjaw is it's already 2nd album by Head Automatica, and there's still no light of their reunion album (yes, they call it quit before, but there's some re_join gig early this year).
Afterall, you can never trust this top 5. Every one of 4, had a contradiction to what you belies on your listening. My first encounter lasy year is the worst. only 2 out of 5 really stick with me, as I wrote it below on my first commentary: "Mudvayne, A Perfect Circle, Chimaira, Stone Temple Pilots, and Jewel. That's my top 5 rated music listed on my station when i start this message. Out of Chimaira and APC, I'm not sure if I like to put Mudvayne ahead. Jewel music I listen to now is the old tracks, one I remembered is with that Standing Still song while STP is dead. If I could replace those 3, I'll go for Tori Amos, Nine Inch Nails and Tool. Definitely! My only hope is the new CD by Tool that might come out next year (rock really hard). "

Saturday November 25, 2006 - 02:57am (PST)

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