Tuesday, July 03, 2007

one poem, one rambling in 2002 or three

For some purpose, I hate to get the fuck out of home.
I rather do my empty decoration.
I rather stay healthy at home. I rather starve at home because I'm more starving out there.
For some reason, I need friends at home, not out there.
I rather left a note to you,

Send me books.It's better to read something than left something.
This is better than evrtn, they say.
I admit, or must I?
There's still a lot of sad thing out there.
So, bring me the impressionist calendar. Bring me double A's and generator.
Because thing that matter is an eye ache and a torn.
Imprint. Not in screen.
Love my eyes, love you and hate you some more.
Because I don't have a thing, just have nothing.
You're not mine; you're not a thing unless it was on fire.

Hey, do I have a rug?

'Sadness' day, August 14th, 2002

Spider tu kecik tapi bisa mengeluarkan jaringan yang unpredictable. Time tu my bike has lost and I need to get it back. My dad gimme a few bucks, and I end up to use it for my chocolate bar + cake, and that's cost 7 dollar ++. Sick! Mahal gila.

(Maknanya, in reality, aku boros sangat, tak pandai budget langsung). I took the bike in rainy dau, then witness my 3/4 brain's friend driving his car beside his dad, while I'm all wet. Man, that pissed me!!

Semasa jumpa labah-labah tu, aku jumpa 3 maskot yang style-style maskot KFC but in front of Pizza Hut. What freak me, tak silap aku, Pizza Hut takder maskot. Mereka ber-3 dalam keadaan di mana premis pizza tu dalam kejatuhan.

And the spiders,... dia tak merbahaya, tapi still feel uncomfortable. It's weird color of webbing. Jaringannya pelik. Feel like this place getting older.

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