Thursday, February 21, 2008

explosions in the sky : feb 19 , 08 in kl

ini ialah sesi interview design job petang tadi,.... bukan sembang2 pasal music, but it turn otherwise:

"you watch the band playing last nite?"
tak pegi, though i love the band. it came to the point that i'm going to see the wall of sound in front of me, w/o me moving much... i want to move. but the band make me listen still. what kind of life i've been thru these few months. i'm sorry. i love the band. i wanted to see them, but i've been thru this tough moment. (mcr,... did sucks...)
"they're great."
lucky both of you...
"so what's next?"
bleeding through , horse the band. if you love to get injure... it's hardcore..
"so these bands, i never heard of before."
trust me, worth having 'em here,... than some kind of bands. those bands i mean.
"are you into hip hop?" (ni sebenarnya soalan pasal design, bukan muzik. ambil perhatian...)
aaahh..... let me be honest. i hate hip hop.
"nah, it's not like we hate the music. but having a kid that into into hip hop makes our job getting difficult..."
i did some stencil work here.... (sambil tunjuk artwork...), on my past years i did some stencil graffiti, but not because they call it one of hip hop element. i did these because ..... Delta break the rules.
"what you're into?"
in sense musical meets visual aesthetic, there's this old dude whose his work is what we call 'in psychedelic genre'. he's from UK. get your latest Metal Hammer copy. he rips Mucha heavily. John Baizley came in fill the shoes. but it's the dead lad named Mucha, man...
"i see you're passionate about music judge by resume. i love music as well..."

next thing i know, i told him to tune into this government based radio station by Thursday nite ( hi Maya!)...

we then exchange work sketchbook. and i continue...

there's..... a hardcore band... or a metal by now,.... that's mathematically challenged. they need to consult dice and health insurance. everytime they perform, hell break loose, some bandmembers get injured. broke their feet. rotator cuff ache.

(at this moment i felt that i'm not telling everything. we're having an interview, dont we?)

i boast a lot!

it seems unusual, i'm not even sure either i get the job or not.

but i try to be polite and human being as possible.

w/o computer, w/o strong design job for months, playing zombie, isolate myself in the library alot for the sake justice for art practice,... i become dangerous to myself.

but i take this gut to allowing myself for this interview. people worry about not having their business card design they print attached inside their portfolio bag as it will not completing themselves. but i only having an illustration of this hardcore band (never been published in Deviantart. Zuang nak cilok, tapi kalau dia nak beli pun aku tak jual...) and Maya Karin turn into zombie. my bedroom. Chino Moreno poster color art plastered over McD leaflet. utter rubbish. rakugaki.

all i know, if having a conventional design job interview today, i'm going against them. they turn me off.

having a job at record store, they think i'm 'too seroius, put a smile on your face' by means 'your CV is heavy, dude, leave it to those loser who are not educationally challenged'. great, i spent too much on Wikipedia on saturday nite while they waste 'emself at reality show.

thanks for reading the latest edition of Galvatron. and Sue Anna Joe, tell those kids we';re not done yet with t-shirt education.

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