Sunday, September 28, 2008

discovery channel anyone?

Things i discovered between our halting years

(2 tahun lebih, awak... you know nuthing actualy. tanya hidayah evariel...):

- deaths
- blindness
- pain, stain w/o

- my bloody valentine
- neorosis
- autolux
- sunn o))), o'malley, burning witch
- decibel
- sam dunn
- paul romano
- justin borucki
- travis shinn
- beautiful decay
- aereogramme
- shelby cinca
- isis
- peter saville
- john dyer baizley
- the last person at Alternation (now rename again, fomerly Rock It Her Way) radio counter who made her name on local public in '07
- alfons mucha, dead
- ride
- joshua davis, live
- horse the band, live
- short span attention
- once, the movie
- nazri ahmadeus, the writer
- breakdown
- seldon hunt
- stephen kasner
- ayu raudhah
- plotkin
- explosions in the sky
- ladytron
- fear & loathing in las vegas
- 1984
- color code in, ire works, the music
- paul pope's batman 100
- shynola, live
- dethklok in metalocalypse
- wired
- jesu
- robot chicken
- blissful attendancy at panggung coloseum, saturday 12 pm. malay pop/pulp culture revive
- adobe anything cs3
- anexxe cm
- blade runner 25th year
- fincher's zodiac
- nolan's prestige (next to the illusionist)
- romantikarat
- have been stray from religious practice

things we discovered on papers & television:
- uncivilized black people make living in setapak
- cursed public transportation
- lisa surihani + menteri kabinet connection
- dying lad who never give up for presidency who never make way to the young
- kabir bhatia, film that made after beautiful people, i guess. not me (superficial, eh?)
- nasir wahab still live in the 80's (judging by "cassette sales' scale report"). hi nasir, welcome to the 21st century, planet earth...

they inspired. however, those things , in these 2 years still (sambil melihat jam di pergelangan tangan, imaginary hand watch since i only see my time at mobile phone) could not make me 5 grand richer because of these 2 facts: time, money.

time & money, they're not with us.

unless i decide to kill one of 'em, time exactly. my hibernating time, to break down this 'could not' mathematics.

and for a moment i could not marry you in this language corrupt thought world, stranger.

saya juga belum bercadang untuk menanam rahsia.
simpan sahaja. tunggu masa untuk dikeluarkan.

sebaliknya, ada misteri yang belum terungkai sejak 2 tahun lepas itu. dia dah lupa pun apa yang dia patutnya sebut dulu, instead cut off the line and declare rival nemesis.

ya Allah, kalau boleh aku tak mahu ingat sangat perkara yang lepas. start it all over again, she said. this weight i lift, it so heavy. ada beban yang tak tertanggung.

but then, we sell till we got nothing to sell anymore.


not breath online

not as frequent as

consider dead or long

kekasih siber.
susah tu awak...
bercinta dengan komputer,
hantu mesin.
heart divided. splashed.
soul in wound.

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