Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Toy Story 3, Anna Raffali, #ketikaakukecil, Ninja Turtles, Silverhawks, Dr Fad, our ode to VHS years that was started from the 80's and stuff...

Remember the first 2 Toy Story movies? The first one i had on VHS (me and my little brother keep rewinding it, rotating it). The second one i had it on VCD (me and my little brother keep watching it after bersahur di bulan puasa). For God sake, we watched them like 213,3482,827 times. Ah, I can't remember. Many times. The graphic is brilliat. The voice acting is brilliant. The story, the dialog, they just moving.

Few days ago, Anna Raffali came up with her debut CD "Ketika Aku Kecil" that set a Twitter trending of #ketikaakukecil, which brought us to memories of our 'small people' days. Mine, its involving 80's tv alot. And sometimes, i touched on 80's toys subject. But none of them i still keep today. Unlike this character Andy who has to go to college leaving his toys behind. I talk about how cool Starcom and Dino Riders toyline was,... but i never owned them. Time tu, kalau siapa-siapa yang ada toys kat tv tu anak orang kaya je kot. Nowadays, we small people turns big apple still browsing for these toys, name them , Transformers, Gaban, Masked Rider Black, M.A.S.K, Visionaries, Silverhawks, Thundercats,.... I found Gremlins in a box few weeks ago. But tell you, in 80's how glorious it was these tv shows and it's toylines. You never see them much in 90's or anything after millennium. Nowadays, we just turn back to our old times, and how we wish we had tons of money to buy them all - these toys, because today they all buried into the ground...

This is why they still come up with Toy Story premise, now Toy Story 3. To make us weeping. Remembering those old toys days. But most of the times are the toys i can never have but i only watched them on tv ad with it's catchphrase, "Setiap satu dijual berasingan! Bateri tidak disertakan". Damn you, John Lasseter!

(Hey, you know what? Masa filem Ninja Turtle yang 3D tu keluar, aku pun siap pergi McD nak collect semua Happy Meal dengan semua empat-empat toy Ninja Turtle tu. You wanna feel glorious again...)

Hey, Lasseter. I'm late. This is suppose to make it in Toy Story 3. But if you're about to make Toy Story part 4, why don't you includes toys like Transformers, Gundam, Macross, Ninja Turtles, Masked Rider Black,... or even anything like Ultraman? Or even those Jedi and Stormtroopers from Star Wars line. After all these years, these guys are immortal and never dead! And that's the toy that should be remember. (You may also includes something from Spawn or McFarlane Toys. But these guys are not toys. We called them "action figure".) but of course they will never make any of them, .... instead they have this little purple thing called Stretch which i love to watch:

why? because it reminds me of Wacky Wall Walker. and u know Wacky Wall Walker was invented by Ken Hakuta, the real Dr. Fad, one of my favourite show when i was kids. Dr. Fad really makes me want to be inventive as i could. it must be interesting to see that Wall Walker like in Toy Story premise.

Dr. Fad rules!

If you asked me what i still keep from my 80's kid days, then it's my The Real Ghostbuster Panini Sticker Book. I love that show. The movie as well.


zanna said...

Wow....ini cerita lamer.. mu ingat dok kita ader t-shirt silverhawk sorang satu, that Ghostbuster nyer sticker book pun aku still remember. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle rock....Pak hantar kita tgk movie ni kat panggung Rex...
yang paling aku x leh luper, mu lukis karton/komik kat semua buku tulis (page belakang2 yang kosong) setiap akhir tahun which aku nak buat buat kertas kira2 math aku...huhuhu

Blitzenius said...

kita ada tshirt silvrhawks ke? rasa macam ada. tshirt ninja turtle pun suma ada, tapi dia tulis 'ninja kura-kura'. aku siap ada seluar short ninja turtle warna pink lagi. and yeah, the first cinema experience - ninja turtle. kat Rex, klasik je bangunan tu. zaman skang ni tidak se-glorious dulu lagi. dulu ada kelab colgate, mung promote suma adik beradik jd member, siap tolong isi form.

se lagi, masa kecik (kecik sangat) aku pernah mengamuk sebab pok dok beli mainan kot. tapi sticker book ni dop tahu ganer buleh beli. ada lagi kat rumah.

bugs bunny dengan geng2 looney tunes mari berarak dengan kereta berhias, pun aku ingat. tapi komik2 hok aku lukis tu banyok hilang ah. member aku suma wat harta.

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