Monday, October 11, 2010

Hayley Williams wants your band to opening for Paramore in Kuala Lumpur.

Mesej ringkas di Twitter milik vokalis Paramore, Hayley Williams 8 jam lalu berbunyi begini:

Attn: BANDS IN THE KUALA LUMPUR AREA! We want your band to open for us!! Tweet back with your link & #paramoreKL so we can check you out!

This could be your band.

Kita jumpa di konsert Paramore. Bukan fan tapi hafal lah juga 2 album pertama mereka tu. By means album pertama, yes, album "All We Know Is Falling" masa zaman label Fueled by Ramen masih 'independent kental' dan belum riding high on the success of Fall Out Boy. it didn't help either when i made this cover story for ROTTW magazine last year:

Beatburns mana? Tak nak try ke opening Paramore? tengok power tak power. dah female fronted, elok sangat la tu.


El Moe de la Rocha said...

hahaha.. ade ke nak vote? :p :p

Blitzenius said...

mana kira vote. tapi kalau nasib dalam banyak2 link tu, hayley ternampak url Beatburns dan dengar sample lagu walaupun tweet tu cuma satu je, mungkin ada harapan. aku tengok band main spam je url diorang banyak2 kali. ia tak membantu kalau band tu macam crap dan recorded material berbunyi macam haram.


ok outdated sikit, tapi y2k ok jugak lah. nasib baik dorang tak pilih hujan. lol

Blitzenius said...

i don't mind any band who gonna make it for the opening as long as they put an effort to give a top notch performances, but it hurt me when these people think the selected band don't deserve it because their friend's band that they waste their time and energy by spamming the link to death on twitter didn't make it when they themselves know nothing about the selected band.

in the end, it's Paramore that we're dying for.

in the end, whichever bands that got selected will remain forgettable by the end of the concert.

in the end, your fav band still sucks and i fucking hate them.


haha, hang on there, MY favorite band sucks? which one?

i'm glad i wasn't active on twitter and shit anymore so i don't know how bad the whole spamming and promo was. but good to know that paramore is doing this kind of thing- giving chances to local bands. it's exciting. but i don't care about paramore. don't really like them, so whatever. you guys have a whole lot of fun lah.

Blitzenius said...

im not calling your fav band per se lah. haha. regarding on people who giving the most annoying twit. Paramore is not my fav band either. but doesnt they're bad. they're far better than what we listen on radio nowadays.

so Hayley Williams wants a local bands. even she wants to buy a tshirt. so, go ahead, throw your fav bands tshirt on stage.

kaka perawan said...

to moe : celine is quite cool as ur front . I love her .

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