Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"We're actually watching Zodiac. Part 2."

finally made it. treat my friends: Fez, my ex band mate Fauzi Bujang and his housemate the first taste of The Social Network movie, a week before its official theatrical release in Malaysia (except for Fez, of his delicate of warning : spoiler alert threat) , had it at Mid Valley. ah,…. my baybeh couldn't make it, sadly.

Armie Hammer was great though as ‘there’s 2 x army of me’. there’s a little of Dust Brothers moment in Reznor-scored as well.

near the end of the movie, maybe Marylin Delpy was right about Zuckerberg. that’s the only thing i could relate.

The Beatles’ “Baby, You’re a Rich Man”, what to close a movie.


Ahmad Tongkeng said...


kau dah tgk?????

Blitzenius said...

nothing superior about watching Social Network now sebab aku rasa filem tu dah leak banyak tempat. kat US dah tayang since Oct 1. we're 2 months late.

but then, im trying to stop myself from download it online, till they set a premier screening here, which happened this week. im trying not to read the online review of the film regardless how good the score it got from Rotten Tomaotes (97%). im not reading its plot on wikipedia to avoid spoiler. for God sake, it's David Fincher movie and you only say 'what the...' at the very end of the movie.

what drives me to watch it because finally you had Sorkin-scripted, Reznor-scored on Fincher for the first time. that's a great combo. so, go watch it on cinema.

Blitzenius said...

oh, by the way. minggu depan lagi susah lah Dr Rozmey nak capai sasaran RM40 juta. this movie is damn good.

Ahmad Tongkeng said...

let's all watch it without any premature expectations.

reviews will come after the movie.

well for 2Alam, my comment is - no comment.

ha ha

Blitzenius said...

i know, but it's trailer is premature ejaculation.

2 Alam is great example on how to make quick bucks thru bad film. and it's a failure.

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