Saturday, September 23, 2006

everybody wants to rule the world

I'm going to produce my own rock radio ow for an hour with the help of Maya on Thursday. If it's possible it'll be running on every Thursday nite. The hardest part is to compile my own favourite record in a CD.

As soon as I began, I figure at that most of my favourite record is heavier stuff that is not conventional for a national-authority-linked-radio. If it's mellow it's not that rock enough. Hmm.. It is okay for one song out of 10 is differently heavy. But it comes out that I make it 5 or 6.

I might be angry, hah!

I started to mellow things by call all my friends to ask them to request their favourite 'rock song that hardly played on radio/80s/90s cult singles'. If you read this, you can send your input too, :)

This radio producer work is beyong my imagination. I remember last year, all I did is ignore what I heard on the radio, make my own mix tape, fooling myself with the tape. Life is just living in the bedroom. Now, I play my favourite thing to one part of this world. It's like everybody wanted this, to rule this world. It's about time you give people what they deserve, a descent airplay.

With the magazine design work too, I become the busiest man. It's dramatic contrast to what I've thought years ago. I feel a little happy, though I'm not that proud. Maybe because I'm exhausted. There's a lot of thing I need to do. alot.

Ramadhan to my friends, this moment we should to get some rest.

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