Tuesday, June 23, 2015

[GAMBAR] Roundtable Discussion, Using Archives and Collections : To What Ends?

At Balai Seni Visual Negara, 30th May 2015 (right after the Official Book Launch for Ismail Hashim Essays, Interviews & Archive by Tan Sri Dato Musa)

Archives and collections are sites of knowledge production. They are assembled and used by different people for different reasons and ends. A person who collects art or cameras could one day open a personal museum. Institutions have archives to facilitate research or ensure that historic and cultural materials are documented and conserved. An artist orcultural worker collects, engages with and intervenes into archives as partof their practice.

This round table discussion will consists of presentations from various professionals who have in some way or other engaged with or intervened into archives and collections in their work. Roundtable panelists will present their views and experiences on how they engage with archives and collections or collecting. These presentations can also be contextualised within the Unpack-Repack: Archiving and Staging Ismail Hashim (1940-2013).

Panelists: Farah Wardani, Kuah Li Feng & Fahmi Reza

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